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The Black Church

The Black Church

The Black Church is the largest Gothic church in Transylvania and the largest sacral building in Romania.




It is impossible to tell of a city in a few words. Sibiu is a city which must be seen. The city of Sibiu is a veritable open-air museum, with houses dating from the fourteenth century and with a specific atmosphere that can be found in few European cities.




Today, the fortress of Sighișoara is as alive as it was several hundred years ago, while sheltering the leaders of Transylvania.


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Events 2017

Festivals and events 2017

January 29
Agnita – Sibiu county
”Lolelor” Masks Parade (“Urzelnlauf”)
(Parada Lolelor)

March 31 – April 1
Sighisoara, Sighisoara Blues Festival
(Festivalul de Blues Sighisoara)

April 1
Brasov Half-Marathon
(Semi-Maratonul Brasov)

April 1 - 2
Dumbrava Sibiului - Sibiu
Sibiu Country Market
(Targul de Tara – Dumbrava Sibiului)

April 7 - 17
Sibiu Easter Market 2017
(Târgul de Paști - Sibiu)

April 8 - 9
Dumbrava Sibiului - Sibiu
Sibiu Country Market
(Targul de Tara – Dumbrava Sibiului)

April 8 - 9
Brasov – Reduta Cultural Center,
Palm Sunday Fair
(Târgul de Florii – Brasov)

April 21 - 23
City of Brasov Annual Festival
(Festivalul Annual al Municipiului Brasov)

April 22
Brasov Marathon
(Marathonul Brasov)

April 22 - 23
Transylvania Crafts Fair
(Târgul Artizanii Transilvaniei)

April 23
Brasov – Piata Unirii,
Brasov’s Lads Annual Parade
(Festivalul Junii Brasovului)

April 29 - 30
Râşnov Citadel,
Râşnov “Zup” (Traditional potato, bacon, red peper and onion dish) Festival
(Festivalul Zup-ului Sasesc)

May 6 - 7
Traditional Music Festival “Flori în Ţara Bârsei”
(Festivalul de muzica folclorica “Flori în Ţara Bârsei”)

May 11 - 20
EuropaFest 2017
(International Jazz, Blues, Pop and Classical Music artists meet in Sibiu !)

May 12 - 14
Feldioara – Brasov county,
Music Festival “The Rose of Citadel”
(Festivalul de muzica “Trandafirul din Cetate”)

May 12 - 14
Arts and Music Festival “ArMusik Fest”
(Festivalul de Arta si Muzica “ArMusik”)

May 18 – 21
Sibiu Jazz Festival
(Festivalul International de Jazz - Sibiu 2017)

May 19 - 21
Sibiu – ASTA Museum,
International Comics Salon
(Salonul Internațional de Benzi Desenate - Sibiu)

May 20
Medias – Greweln Park,
Festival of Traditional Dance "Vándorcsizma"
Festivalul de dansuri populare "Vándorcsizma”

May 20 - 21
”Bike & Like”, Transylvania Fortresses Cycling Tour
(Turul Ciclist al Cetatilor Transilvanene “Bike & Like”)

May 25 - 28
International Vampire Film Festival
(Festivalul International de Film Vampiric)

June 3
Sibiel - Șura Școală - Sibiu county,
Cindrel Picnic
(Picnic in Cindrel)

June 9 - 18
Sibiu International Theater Festival
(Festivalul International de Teatru)

June 10
Cisnadioara - Sibiu county,
Transylvanian Cherry Festival
(Festivalul Cireselor)

June 10
Hosman - Sibiu county,
Full Moon Picnic at Electric Camping
(Picnic sub Clar de Luna la Electric Camping)

July 1 - 2
Hungarikum – Festival of Sibiu’s Magyar Community
(Festivalul Comunitatii Maghiare din Sibiu “Hungarikum”)

July 15 - 16
Avrig – Sibiu county,
Traditional Music and Dance Festival "Flowers of the Olt River"
(Festivalul de folclor "Florile Oltului")

July 19 - 23
Sibiu – ASTA Museum,
International Pottery Festival
(Targul International al Olarilor “Frumos, Ceramic, Folositor”)

July 20 - 22
Avrig, Brukenthal Mansion - Sibiu county
Feeric Fashion Week
(Saptamana Modei “Feeric”)

July 28 - 30
Fagaras Fortress – Fagaras,
Murmur Music Festival
(Festivalul de Muzica Electronica “Murmur")

July 28 - 30
Sighisoara Medieval Arts and Crafts Festival
(Festivalul Sighisoara Medievala)

July 29
Valchid - Sibiu county,
Transylvanian Brunch
(Brunch Transilvanean)

August 4 - 5
Transylvania’s Saxons Annual Get-Together
(Întâlnirea Sașilor din Transilvania)

August 4 - 6
Saxons’ Annual Reunion “2017 Sachsentreffen in Siebenburgen”
(Intalnirea Anuala a Sasilor Transilvaneni)

Transylvanian Saxon families from all over the world will get together to celebrate and experience Transylvanian Saxon culture.Transylvanian Saxons are a German-speaking ethnic minority settled in the area of Transylvania, Romania. They represent the oldest still existing German language group of settlers in Eastern Europe.

August 5
Cisnădioara - Sibiu county,
”Hanklich” – Saxon Pie Festival
(Festivalul Lichiului Sasesc - Hanklich/Hencleș)

August 5 - 6
Saliste – Sibiu county,
Town of Saliste Festival (Folklore)
(Zilele Culturale ale Orasului Saliste)

August 9 - 14
Fiser, Rupea, Viscri, Saschiz, Roades, Cloasterf, Mesendorf - Transylvania,
Oat Country “Haferland” Transylvanian Saxons Festival
(Saptamana Haferland)

August 10 - 13
Rasnov – Brasov county,
Rockstadt Extreme Fest
(Festivalul de muzica Rock “Rockstadt Extreme”)

August 17 - 20
ProEtnica - Sighisoara Intercultural Festival
(Festivalul Intercultural ProEtnica)

August 25 - 27
Medieval Festival of Transylvanian Citadels
(Festivalul Medieval "Cetăţi " - 2017)

August 26
Alma Vii - Sibiu county,
Transylvanian Brunch
(Brunch Transilvanean)

September 2
Cincșor - Brasov county,
Flavors and Sounds of Transylvania – Dinner Under the Sky
(Arome si Muzica din Transilvania)

September 2 - 3
Sibiu Potters’ Fair
(Târgul Olarilor)

September 30 – October 1
Bran – Brasov county,
Bran Annual Cheese and Cured Mutton Meat Festival "Ravasitul Oilor" marking shepherds return from the alpine transhumance (Food and Folklore)
(Festivalul Ravasitul Oilor)

October 1
Cincșor - Brasov county,
Cincșor Harvest Festival
(Ziua Recoltei la Cincșor)

October 7 - 8
Mosna – Sibiu county,
Mosna Cabbage Festival (Gastronomy)
(Festivalul Verzei)

October 14
Cisnădioara - Sibiu county,
Flavors and Sounds of Transylvania: Pear and Apple Festival
(Arome si Muzica din Transilvania: Festivalul merelor si Perelor)

November 7 - 12
Ars Hungarica – Festival of Sibiu’s Magyar Community
(Festivalul Cultural al Comunitatii Maghiare din Sibiu)

November 17 – January 3
Sibiu Christmas Market
(Târgul de Crăciun din Sibiu)

December 3
Sibiu – ASTA Museum,
National Festival of Christmas Traditions
(Festivalul Naţional de Datini şi Obiceiuri)

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